The chilly steppes of Lupiera are a nation on the western edge of the northern half of Kartonas. Lupiera is a simple and hardy nation. It is lightly populated, and is famous for its productive mining industry and honour-driven military tradition.


Up until 491tt, Lupiera was a part of the nation of Lycanthia. In 491tt, during a war with the Felian Empire, the northern regions of the country revolted, cutting the country in half. The oldest surviving settlement is the port city of Gegh, founded in -60tt on the western shore. The earliest known permanent Lupieran settlement was the village of Moloch, founded in -220tt in the eastern hills, south of the modern capital of Tougha, which was sacked and abandoned in -50tt. Lupiera peacefully became a part of the Kartonan Empire in 1002, and


Lupiera is mostly split into two halves. The western half, which includes the coast, is mostly flat and quite abundant in coniferous forests. The eastern half is more mountainous has notably less forests.






an ancient port city